Classic Fondant Pintuck Cake

A 4 Tier Elegant Classic Styled Vanilla Bean Wedding Cake

Covered in smooth vanilla fondant and decorated with edible jewels all around..

Vanilla Bean cake with a vanilla bean buttercream. Pure and Simple is the theme of this beauty!

The ribbon and floral centerpiece are non-edible, but designed to be easily taken off before cutting into the cake and celebrating!

You And Me 

By The Sea

A  5 Tier Nautical Themed S'mores Wedding Cake

With a graham cracker cake, chocolate ganache filling and marshmallow buttercream- this feels like the perfect summer cake by the beach!

All of the seashells on this cake are handcrafted using fondant and edible airbrushing. 

Around the base of each tier is graham cracker sand.

Modern Fondant Sugar Flower Cake

A 4 Tier Straight Tower Carrot Wedding Cake

Covered in smooth vanilla fondant in a somewhat mosaic style.. Then covered with edible rose gold foil around the entire backside, as well as a little on the top.

"Four Tier" unique design with one straight cylinder, but inside you have 8 layers of carrot spice cake with pecans and raisins, and 7 layers of cream cheese frosting.

Every single part of this cake is edible. The sugar flowers are handcrafted and the edible rose gold foil is placed over the fondant piece by piece with simple syrup.

Butterfly Daydream

A  4 Tier Butterfly Blueberry Almond Wedding Cake

An almond cinnamon cake with blueberry filling and French Almond buttercream..

All of the butterflies are printed with edible ink on sugar wafer paper.

Around the base of each tier is a black satin ribbon.

Fall Lovers

A 3 Tier Autumn Themed Chocolate Peanut Butter Wedding Cake

A Chocolate Espresso cake with Peanut Butter Mousse Frosting and Chocolate Ganache drip.

Sugar Wafer paper autumn leaves and royal icing pinecones sit at the base of the tiers and atop the cake in front of the Mr. and Mrs. Adirondack chairs.

This recipe is one of the most popular. The chocolate cake is so moist and dense with a hint of espresso, and the peanut butter mousse frosting is light and fluffy - melting in your mouth!

Lemon Floral Classic

A  4 Tier Raspberry Lemon Zest Wedding Cake

A Lemon Zest cake with Raspberry Anise Filling and Lemon Zest Buttercream.

Adorned with fresh flowers and foliage to match the bouquets of the wedding party